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What's New?

Harvest Underway

Aug 21, 2020: The 2020 harvest. Thanks Patty and Grant for helping out!

First hay harvest

Jul 26, 2019: Our first hay harvest. Thanks to Will for getting it done!

New Coverall

Jul 20, 2019: The new coverall is complete. Will be nice to store the extra equipment under cover

Additional irrigation

May 11, 2019: Installed pipe to bring additional water to irrigation pond

End Of An Era

May 7, 2019: Removed all kiln and greenhouse foundations, the last remnants from the farm's tobacco era.

Hop Shop

Cascade 2021 - 1lb


The workhorse of the craft beer industry

Sorachi Ace, 2021 - 1lb


A great choice for IPAs and Pales as well as Lagers

Chinook, 2021 - 1lb


Earthy aroma and heavy bittering characteristics make Chinook hops perfect for styles like IPAs, APAs, and seasonal brews like Winter Ales and Stouts

Newport, 2021 - 1lb


Newport hops also offer a subtly citrus aroma with hints of balsamic.

Nugget, 2021 - 1lb


A versatile hop you could use in an IPA, Barley Wine, ESB, and more.

Brewer's Gold, 2020 - 1lb


An alpha acid range of about 6% to 10% makes the Brewers Gold hop a versatile bittering hop for your favorite brew

Bitter Gold, 2021 - 1lb


Add it to any brew from your favorite IPA to English Ales and of course English Bitter

Cascade, 2021 - 4oz


Typically used for American Ales, IPAs, Lagers

Triple Pearl, 2021 - 4oz - $4.95


Triple Pearl will offer a smooth, mild bittering agent to brews like IPAs and Pales

Magnum, 2020 - 4oz


The alpha acid range of 10% to 14% provides perfect bittering in beer styles like IPAs, Pale Ales, and even Stouts

Mt Ranier, 2020 - 4oz


A moderate bittering agent as well as an aroma of light floral mixed with citrus and licorice overtones, these hops make a nice addition to many beer styles

Comet, 2020 - 4oz - SOLD OUT


Offers a unique flavor that is best suited to American Ales

Golding, 2020 - 4oz


If you think hops have gone over the top or you need a break from the C hops give Kent Goldings a chance

Bitter Gold, 2020 - 4oz


This incredibly acidic varietal comes from the American lineage of hops like Brewer’s Gold, Comet, and Fuggle

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what they say about us

I have had nothing but great experiences with the hops from The Great Canadian Hops Company

Sarah Fritch, The Blue Elephant Craft Brew House

They smelled great as soon as I opened the bag!

Marc Loszchuk, BJCP Certified Home Brewer, Saskatchewan

We love using locally sourced hops from The Great Canadian Hops Company in all of our beer. It's been great working with them to develop new recipes with a wide variety of hops that they offer.

Mark Oleniuk, Tin Can Brewing, Toronto

Life On The Farm In Norfolk County

Committed To Sustainable Farming

From installing drip irrigation to reduce water and fuel consumption to re-cycling harvest waste to rebuild the soil, we are committed to farming in a sustainable manner.