Hop Yard Tours

We would love to have you and your team tour the hop yard.  Contact us to arrange a visit.


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End To End Capabilities

Our Farm

We provide the highest quality product because we purchased our own processing, drying, pelletizing and packaging equipment to control the entire process end-to-end.  We nitrogen flush and vacuum seal our bags to lock in the goodness.  We can package in 4oz to  44lb mylar bags – customized to whatever size works best for you.


Harvest goes from mid-August until mid-September. The bines are cut down and brought back to the yard to be processed. Friends and family help out, which is much appreciated!


The hop cones are stripped off the bine, using our Hopster Hop Harvester 5G. It's well designed and easy to operate. While 1 person could operate it, we always have 2 present for safety.


Moisture in the cones need to be reduced from 45% to 8%. We modified an old tobacco kiln for this step in the process.


We have our own pelletizing line from Lawson Mills. We built a food-grade clean room to to house the entire system.


We nitrogen-flush, vacuum seal all of our hops to seal in the goodness. Having our own packaging system allows us to customize the package you need, from 4oz to 40 lbs.


We have developed Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the highest quality at every step in the process. Here we are testing the moisture level before we start pelletizing.